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ALMS-1882-01-1 Bigelow Garden Concert Program.jpg
The concert appears to be a rally for General Benjamin Butler, a Civil War general, lawyer, and politician, during his run for Governor of Massachusetts.

The programme list includes: "the woman's suffrage plank the best in the platform. Equal…

ALMS-1000-03 front Do You Know All the Reasons Booklet.JPG
Sixteen pages are left blank.

This pamphlet was created to lobby for the upcoming suffrage referendum in Pennsylvania. Held November 2, 1915, Pennsylvania voters defeated the suffrage amendment by a margin of 55,000 (out of 800,000 votes cast).…

ALMS-1000-04 side1 New Jersey flyer for and against suffrage.jpg
Flier issued in New Jersey prior to the October 1915 election where citizens voted on a suffrage referendum. At that point, no eastern state had yet adopted voting rights for women.

The flier features several short articles highlighting pro and…

ALMS-1915-01 front The Case Against Woman Sufrage.JPG
The pamphlet, addressed "to the men of Massachusetts" provides detailed arguments against woman suffrage. Sections include: "The vote not a natural right" "A privilege with a heavy obligation" "The net result of woman suffrage a loss to women and to…

ALMS-1917-01 front cover Do You Know.JPG
Blue and white pamphlet sealed with 1916 American Red Cross Christmas stamps, entitled "Do You Know?"

The pamphlet includes a list of facts detailing women's efforts to gain the right to vote throughout the country, and the reasons why women…

Pink paper rose with green stem and a picture of the candidate, Horace E. Kennedy, in the center. The rose is attached to a yellow ribbon with black printed text: "I cast my first vote at a municipal election in the red rose city for Kennedy and the…

Gold fabric-covered button with attached gold ribbon, both with black printed text.

The pin reads: "Under the 19th amendment I cast my first vote Nov. 2nd, 1920."

The ribbon reads: "Harding Coolidge the straight Republican ticket Lancaster,…

White square cardboard fan with blue print attached to a wooden dowel.

The front contains the slogan "Baseball Fans Movie Fans Political Fans All Good Fans Everywhere Favor Votes for the Women of Massachusetts Election Day November 2"


White square cardboard fan with blue print attached to a wooden dowel.

The front features the slogan, "While watching the Horse Race Don't forget one half of the Human Race/ Votes for Women/ Election Day November 2."

The reverse side includes…
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