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Series of statements about where women go during the day, including children's school, grocery store, buying clothes, and looking for employment, and how those places are under some type of political control. The final question is: "Who controls…

POST-1914-25 French Le vrai Plebiscite.jpg
Postcard with an illustration of a French soldier embracing a woman after the country of Alsace voted to reunite with France. The caption reads: "The real plebiscite. Plebiscite: She'll vote?. . . SO." The illustration was created by artist and…

POST-1914-24-1 Emma Hughes Poem.jpg
Poem by Emma J. Hughes on the front of the card. On the verso, there is an illustration of a suffragist holding a "Votes for Women" flag looking at a man with his hands on his hips. The inscription reads: "Where are you going my Suffragette?" The…

POST-1914-07 Im a Suffragette Valentine Heart.jpg
Embossed Valentine's Day card. On the front is a colorful illustration of a young girl, wearing a hat and dress, holding a ballot.

Written on the back: To Helen Hoagland / From R.I.R.

POST-1914-05 Im a Suffragette Valentine.jpg
Valentine's Day card with illustration of a young girl, wearing a hat and dress, holding a ballot.

This card is addressed to Mrs. M.F. Rogers in Wellington, Ohio, and postmarked February 9, 1914. The handwritten message reads: "Dear Grandma- There…

POST-1914-06 Votes for Women Certainly.jpg
Valentine's Day card with an illustration of a woman holding a man's hand as he drops his ballot into the ballot box.

This card is addressed "From Kid Doeley, Office Box" to Ruth Slade.

POST-1909-12 Suffrage Series No 12.jpg
Part of a twelve-card series of full-color lithographic postcards opposing woman suffrage.

This card, labeled Suffragette Series No. 12, features an illustration of a well-dressed woman holding a ballot.

PERI-1910-02 Wilkes Barre Times Leader 1910-0427.jpg
Front page of the newspaper contains a debate on woman's suffrage with the affirmative written by Alva Belmont, President of the Political Equality Association, and the negative written by Mrs. Gilbert E. Jones, Chairman of the National League for…

PERI-1920-01a cover Life Magazine 1920-1028.jpg
The cover features a drawing by Charles Dana Gibson entitled "Congratulations." In it, Lady Liberty shakes hands with a woman holding a ballot, congratulating her on winning the right to vote.

Life Magazine, Inc. was founded by John Ames Mitchell…

Reprinted from the Los Angeles Graphic, author Clifford Howard discusses the economic necessity for woman suffrage, and the transformation in the social, political, and economic role of women in the home and community that make it necessary for her…
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