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Special newspaper issued by the Women's Anti-Suffrage Association of the Third Judicial District of the State of New York. It is a compilation of articles on the written about the anti-suffrage movement and the reasons for opposition to suffrage.…

Pamphlet issued by the Woman Suffrage Campaign Committee of Bangor, Maine to campaign for the Maine Women's Suffrage Referendum, also known as Proposed Amendment No. 1, on September 10, 1917. The measure was defeated.

Uses the phrase "Have you…

POST-1915-12 For Suffrage Card.jpg
Pledge card issued by the Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association. The headquarters were located at 585 Boylston Street, Room 12 in Boston.

DOCU-1917-06 Notice of Submission.jpg
Public notice of the resolutions of the New York State Senate and Assembly to be voted on by the electorate on November 6, 1917, including the woman suffrage amendment. The referendum passed, granting New York women the right to vote.

Makes the argument that men are primarily concerned with their interests and do not represent women's interests. Urges reader to vote for the woman suffrage amendment on November 7th. The amendment lost in 1916.

Pennsylvania was among the first…

Discusses the results of the 1912 election in Michigan, when the woman suffrage amendment was defeated, and the reasons for this result. According to the information provided, the amendment passed, but was nullified by "political manipulation" and…

Response by the Ingham County Equal Suffrage Association to anti-suffrage papers being distributed by saloon keepers and breweries in advance of the April 7, 1913 election. The message was to vote against the woman suffrage question because it would…

This pamphlet was created to lobby New Hampshire voters to become the seventh state to grant women the right to vote.

Verso: Vote for woman suffrage. Amendment No. 23

Amendment 23, the Ohio Woman's Suffrage Amendment, was on the September 3, 1912 special election ballot in Ohio, where it was defeated.

Yearbook, or annual report, for the Equal Suffrage League of Baltimore includes a list of officers, directors, and committee chairmen, committee reports, plans for 1911, copy of the bill presented to the Maryland legislature, a list of organizations…
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