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Brochure that details pre-pregancy care and post-prengancy care along with care for the newborn.

Letter written by Caroline Corbin, founder of the Illinois Association Opposed to the Extension of Suffrage to Women to Senator Henry W. Blair in response to his report to the Select Committee on Woman Suffrage, delivered to the Senate on December 8,…

PERI-1912.04 Puck Don't cross line.jpg
Cartoon and satirical article published in Puck magazine, a weekly humor magazine first published in 1871 until 1918. This page was removed from the original issue.

The illustration shows a woman standing in the middle of a box with a dotted line,…

ALMS-1915-01 front The Case Against Woman Sufrage.JPG
The pamphlet, addressed "to the men of Massachusetts" provides detailed arguments against woman suffrage. Sections include: "The vote not a natural right" "A privilege with a heavy obligation" "The net result of woman suffrage a loss to women and to…

Series: Modern library of the world's best books
Ellen Key's "The right of motherhood," Havelock Ellis' "Changing status of women," and Lester Ward's "Women in history," are among the essays included in this compilation of writings on the woman…
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