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POST-1910-53 In the dim future.jpg
Postcard designed by Gladys Letcher of the Suffrage Atelier, contains an illustration of Prime Minister Asquith delaying the vote for woman's suffrage.

The Suffrage Atelier was a publishing collective founded in 1909 to produce items for the…

POST-1905-12 The Anti Suffragist.jpg
Pro-suffrage postcard created by artist and enamellist, Ernestine Mills. Mills designed and published this postcard, together with another entitled "The New Mrs Partington", independent of any of the suffrage societies.

POST-1910-38 A Willing Man.jpg
Sepia illustration of a well-dressed woman, walking through a pond, holding a bouquet of flowers.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Miss Millie Cook Morganville, Kansas, and postmarked February 15, 1911. The message reads: "Feb. 14 1911 /…

POST-1905-01 Earthly Blisses.jpg
Illustration of a man looking at a woman, who appears to be growing out of a flower.

On the verso, the card is marked "Sepia Roses."

POST-1915-01 An Easter Prophecy.jpg
Embossed Easter card with an illustration of a hen carrying a "Votes for Women" sign.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Mr. Frank Leburg Fowler, Indiana, and postmarked April 20, 1915. The message reads:
Dear Bro:-
Well Easter is soon here…

Pink paper rose with green stem and a picture of the candidate, Horace E. Kennedy, in the center. The rose is attached to a yellow ribbon with black printed text: "I cast my first vote at a municipal election in the red rose city for Kennedy and the…
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