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Instructions for poll-watchers to help curb illegal corruption or maneuvers to change the results of the election. The flier provides detailed instructions and logistics for being a watcher.

This leaflet is specific to the woman suffrage…

In preparation for the 1924 elections, the New York League of Women Voters distributed this informational flier to educate and encourage women to register to vote in time for the November 4 elections.

Metal token featuring an image of William Howard Taft, and the slogan "Equal Rights for All." This coin may have been distributed during either the 1908 or the 1912 presidential campaigns.

No manufacturer markings on the coin.

Pamphlet issued by the Woman Suffrage Campaign Committee of Bangor, Maine to campaign for the Maine Women's Suffrage Referendum, also known as Proposed Amendment No. 1, on September 10, 1917. The measure was defeated.

Uses the phrase "Have you…

POST-1914-25 French Le vrai Plebiscite.jpg
Postcard with an illustration of a French soldier embracing a woman after the country of Alsace voted to reunite with France. The caption reads: "The real plebiscite. Plebiscite: She'll vote?. . . SO." The illustration was created by artist and…

POST-1913-27 Cake in the Oven.jpg
Anti-suffrage postcard depicts a masculine looking woman running out of a polling booth, knocking poll officials to the floor. The inscription on the front is: "Votes for Women While in the act of voting, Mrs Jones remembers that she has left a cake…

POST-1915-07 Suffrage Amemdment Stamp.jpg
Stamp created for the referenda held in Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania on November 2, 1915. The stamp contains a picture of Cora Anderson Carpenter, a flag bearer from 1913, standing in front of the United States Capitol.

POST-1915-12 For Suffrage Card.jpg
Pledge card issued by the Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association. The headquarters were located at 585 Boylston Street, Room 12 in Boston.

POST-1909-30 BW Angel Series Everyone of note.jpg
Series of cards with Cupid as the central figure. This card features a black and white illustration of Cupid seated, on the telephone.

POST-1909-12 Suffrage Series No 12.jpg
Part of a twelve-card series of full-color lithographic postcards opposing woman suffrage.

This card, labeled Suffragette Series No. 12, features an illustration of a well-dressed woman holding a ballot.
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