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POST-1910-16 Think It Over Series Magazines Opposed.jpg
This card, Number 118, is part of a set of 30 postcards, each containing a message, or aphorism, about suffrage. The cards were created by commercial publishing company, The Cargill Company, and were "endorsed and approved by the National American…

PERI-1914-01-1 Everywoman 1914-0806 above fold.jpg
Tagline: A Twentieth century weekly for Ohio women being a resume of the activities of the woman of the state. "Everywoman" gives you the latest suffrage news. Create suffrage sentiment by sending the paper into some home.

PERI-1913-04 Everywoman 1913-0426.jpg
Tagline: "For Ohio women, being a resume of the activities of the women of the state"

Contents of this issue include:
Educational Views
Lagniappe by Kate M. Lacey
In the realm of music by Bertha G. Brent
Shorter Hours for Women by John…

PERI-1913-06-1 Womens Political World 1913-0106 front.jpg
First issue of this publication.

Tagline: "Immediate Object: Securing Woman Suffrage in New York State in 1915."

Publication contains information on the women's suffrage movement in New York State and the national movement.

PERI-1876-03 Woodhull-Clafins Weekly.jpg
Tagline: "Progress! Free Thought! Untrammeled Lives! Breaking the way for future generations"

The issue includes articles written by Victoria Woodhull, including:
"The Garden of Eden; or, The Paradise Lost and Found. An oration."

Woodhull &…

PERI-1913-08 Everywoman 1913-0816.jpg
Tagline: "For Ohio women, being a resume of the activities of the women of the state"

Contents of this issue include:
The Women of Europe, by Marie Thraikill
The Ohio Children's Code
Thrust the Ballot Upon Women, by Al[f]red Hayes
Suffrage in…

PERI-1876-02-1 The Ballot Box Oct 1876 above fold.jpg
1776 column about the relation between the right to vote and the constitution seems to appear in multiple issues; Letter from Elizabeth Cady Stanton; Letter from Susan B. Anthony; printed letters; "New Party in Massachusetts"; "Mrs. Longley Addresses…

PERI-1876-01-1 The Ballot Box Sept 1876 above fold.jpg
1776 Centennial column about the lack of progress in the suffrage movement, the values the constitution espouses and the need to fight (need to clarify this a little more); Constitution of the National Woman Suffrage Association and list of officers;…

DOCU-1890-02-1 Suffage publish request via postcard to MA newspapers addressed to Lucy Stone front.jpg
On front is handwritten "Mrs. Lucy Stone Dorchester Mass."
On back is a form letter entitled "Municipal Suffrage for Women."

Subscription appeal from The Woman's Journal newspaper. The leaflet details the publisher's goals for 1898, including a list of special features by well-known authors that will appear in upcoming issues and a series of biographical sketches entitled…
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