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POST-1915-08 Vote Yes NJ NY MA PA.jpg
Yellow, black and white poster stamp with an illustration of a town crier ringing a bell and shouting "Vote Yes for Woman Suffrage."

POST-1915-09 Votes for Women Amendment Stamp.jpg
Yellow, black and blue poster stamp with a map of the United States indicating where women have the vote.

This was one of two versions created, one for the 1915 Pennsylvania referendum, and this generic one, intended for national distribution.

POST-1915-07 Suffrage Amemdment Stamp.jpg
Stamp created for the referenda held in Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania on November 2, 1915. The stamp contains a picture of Cora Anderson Carpenter, a flag bearer from 1913, standing in front of the United States Capitol.

POST-1915-11 Votes for Women Pennsylvania Stamp.jpg
Blue and white postage stamp with the figure of winged victory, holding the Pennsylvania keystone, marked 1915.

The United States Post Office Department banned the sale of these stamps, noting their similarity to official postage stamps.

POST-1909-21 In a case like this.jpg
Part of a series of postcards, this card is labeled Series 680. The color illustration shows a man, wearing a nurse's bonnet feeding a baby through a tube. A woman can be seen through a window marching with a "vote for women" placard.

On the…

POST-1910-25 Liberty No Wedding.jpg
A woman leaves her home. Her husband, holding a bucket and scrub brush, is left to care for the home and the children. A "Votes for women" sign is hanging on the wall.

The quote on the postcard is from the song "I'm on my way to Reno", written by…

POST-1913-21 Darns men not sox.jpg
Gray illustration of a Dutch girl standing on a soap box, holding a "Votes for Women" flag.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Miss Estella C [Listes?] Markleysburg Fayette Co. Pennsylvania, and postmarked May 19, 1914. The message reads:…

POST-1912-04 Cobb X Shinn Series You Would Get It.jpg
This card, is part of a twelve-card series, featuring children, illustrated by Indiana artist Cobb Shinn. The illustration features a young boy smiling as a girl, wearing a "Votes for Wimmen" sash walks toward him carrying a rose.

On the verso,…

POST-1912-03 Cobb X Shinn Series Rather Kiss Her.jpg
This card, is part of a twelve-card series, featuring children, illustrated by Indiana artist Cobb Shinn. The illustration features a girl speaking on a soap box as a boy wearing a sailor suit looks off, smiling. In the background, is a "Votes fur…

POST-1914-18 What the Vote Has Done.jpg
This card features a full color illustration of a young girl and boy. The boy is seated, with his legs crossed, smiling. The girl is carrying two buckets, walking toward him.

The card is addressed to Miss Edith [Becheal?] 833 Broadway Beth. Pa.,…
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