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ALMS-1915-01 front The Case Against Woman Sufrage.JPG
The pamphlet, addressed "to the men of Massachusetts" provides detailed arguments against woman suffrage. Sections include: "The vote not a natural right" "A privilege with a heavy obligation" "The net result of woman suffrage a loss to women and to…

Rossiter Johnson was a prominent author and editor whose wife, Helen Kendrick Johnson, also a writer, was active in the anti-suffrage movement.

The author discusses reasons why women's suffrage would be a mistake, including the idea that African…

DOCU-1893-03-1 Official Ballot Park County CO.jpg
Official election ballot includes the list of candidates for the People's Party, Free coinage, and Republican parties.

Along the bottom of each column is the measure to approve or deny equal suffrage in Colorado. Colorado women won the right to…

PERI-1894-01 Puck Squelcher.jpg
Full color cartoon published on the cover of Puck Magazine, a weekly humor magazine first published in 1871 until 1918. This page has been removed from the original issue.

Caption: How can she vote, when the fashions are so wide, and the voting…

James H. Fairchild was the third president of Oberlin College from 1866 until he retired in 1889. Fairchild was an abolitionist and argued for social reforms including temperance and coeducation of the sexes. He did not support woman's right to…

Official election ballot includes the proposed state constitutional amendment for woman's suffrage.

In 1917, the Maine Suffrage Amendment was defeated by a vote of 40,000 to 20,000. In 1919, Maine became the third New England state to ratify the…

Envelope that would have held ballots related to a revision to a banking law. The envelope was intended to be opened only by an election official.

Reprints a statement by President Woodrow Wilson in support of woman suffrage in New Jersey as a states' rights issue and not a federal issue. The flier demonstrates the way the initiative will appear on the ballot along with information on New…

Series of statements about where women go during the day, including children's school, grocery store, buying clothes, and looking for employment, and how those places are under some type of political control. The final question is: "Who controls…

Reprints the amendments that were on the ballot in New York for the election held on November 6, 1917 and urges voters to vote for woman suffrage.
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