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Campaign literature distributed by the Woman's Department of the Republican National Committee during the 1912 presidential election. The flier urged African Americans to vote for incumbent President Taft over former President Theodore Roosevelt or…

Encourages men to vote for a congressman who favors the federal suffrage amendment. Demands votes for women through the same process as "Indians" and "Negroes."

The broadside, published by the Men's Anti-Ratification League of Montgomery, Alabama contains excerpts from "The Negro and the New Social Order," published in The Messenger, a magazine founded in 1917 by A. Phillip Randolph and Chandler Owen as the…

Rossiter Johnson was a prominent author and editor whose wife, Helen Kendrick Johnson, also a writer, was active in the anti-suffrage movement.

The author discusses reasons why women's suffrage would be a mistake, including the idea that African…
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