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Mary Caswell was the president of the Southern California Assn. Opposed to Women's Suffrage. In this address, Caswell outlines in detail the reasons for opposing woman suffrage. Sections include:
Misleading Statements
Women in Public…

PERI-1911-05 Jury of Women.jpg
Photograph with caption:
"Photograph of women who tried and acquitted editor accused of violating law in his publication. The Court allowed the jurywomen to wear their hats."

The newspaper is not identifed and the date is written on the…

PERI-1912-18 Democrats Seek Votes.jpg
Brief article about efforts to gain women voters for Woodrow Wilson's presidential campaign in the six woman suffrage states: California, Wyoming, Washington, Utah, Colorado, and Idaho.

The newspaper is not identified. The year is written on the…

Ellen McHenry was an author and a life member of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

The Trend was a monthly periodical published by The Trend Magazine Publishing Company. It was intended to appeal to the general reader, and included…

Reprints statements in support of woman suffrage from Congressman Edward T. Taylor of Colorado and John Francis Neyian, Chairman State Board of Control, Sacramento, California.

The Empire State Campaign Committee was a coalition of organizations,…

Reprint of an article from the Chicago Chronicle with endorsements of Mrs. W. Winslow (Elizabeth) Crannell's address delivered the day before to the Committee on Resolutions at the Democractic National Convention, held in Chicago.

The article was…

The Los Angeles County Woman Suffrage League was revived after years of inactivity in 1900. These leaflets announce the re-formation of the League and its goals; and contain information about membership, the location of headquarters, hours, and the…

The author reviews sections of the Constitution to make the argument that the individual articles and overall document should not be treated as gender specific. Men and women are equally interested in issues that impact them socially, economically,…
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