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POST-1915-11 Votes for Women Pennsylvania Stamp.jpg
Blue and white postage stamp with the figure of winged victory, holding the Pennsylvania keystone, marked 1915.

The United States Post Office Department banned the sale of these stamps, noting their similarity to official postage stamps.

Reprints the pro-suffrage platform adopted by each of Pennsylvania's state political parties, including Democratic, Prohibition, Republican, Socialist, and Washington.

Pennsylvania voters rejected the 1915 referendum to grant women of the state…

Answers all questions about the impact of war with the answer, "women."

Pennsylvania voters rejected the 1915 referendum to grant women of the state the right to vote. On June 24, 1919, Pennsylvania became the seventh state to ratify the 19th…

Facts about the various laws passed within the eleven states that had woman suffrage in 1915 to demonstrate the progress made when women are granted the right to vote. Laws passed in these states included equal guardianship of children; eight-hour…

Miller thanks Holden for a recent letter she forwarded from Congressman Brodbeck and mentions the negative impact the National Woman's Party pickets are having on the entire movement.

In 1917, the National Woman's Party, founded by Alice Paul,…

Leaflet containing quotes by prominent Catholic clergy to demonostrate Catholic support for woman's suffrage. The PWSA published this leaflet as a part of their lobbying campaign for an upcoming suffrage referendum in 1915. The referendum did not…

DOCU-1894-03-1 25th PAWSA Convention Program front.jpg
Program for the Pennsylvania Woman Suffrage Association's twenty-fifth annual convention, held at Library Hall in West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

The program includes a train schedule, session schedule, and lists of officers and…
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