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Souvenir program and admission ticket to a festival with pieces from a variety of theater and musical productions. The program includes a list of the organization's officers, performance titles, list of participants, and several pro-suffrage items,…

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Anti-suffrage commentary focused on The Woman's Bible and the anti-Christian beliefs of suffragists. The author pulls direct quotes from The Woman's Bible.

From the Library of Congress:
In 1895, Elizabeth Cady Stanton published the first edition…

Excerpts from two addresses by the Right Reverend William Croswell Doane to the graduating classes of St. Agnes' School, a girls school connected to the Episcopal Chuch.

Rev. Doane was the first Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany from 1869…

Essay by Theodore Ledyard Cuyler, published by the Protest Committee of the Brooklyn Women's Anti-Suffrage League.

Cuyler was a Presbyterian minister and writer who was a well-known supporter of the temperance movement and opponent of women's…

The National American Woman Suffrage Association solicited the opinions of Protestant and Catholic clergymen in the states where women were enfranchised on the effect of woman suffrage. Their statements were compiled into three leaflets; "Turn on the…

Leaflet containing quotes by prominent Catholic clergy to demonostrate Catholic support for woman's suffrage. The PWSA published this leaflet as a part of their lobbying campaign for an upcoming suffrage referendum in 1915. The referendum did not…

In a letter addressed to Mrs. Robert Garrett, president of the Maryland Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, Cardinal James Gibbons discusses the reasons for his opposition to woman's right to vote.
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