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Postcard with an illustration of a woman waving her arm, knocking over a glass. She is standing behind a ballot box, labeled "Vote for No. 120

POST-1916-01 Oh Where Wandering Wife.jpg
Part of a series of cards, this card contains an illustration of a man wearing a bathrobe and holding two babies in his arms. Inset to the upper right is a woman addressing a crowd of people, with the words "Why should not women run the government?"

POST-1913-18 Leet Brothers Post Cards Set.jpg
8-card set of postcards, issued in an envelope by Leet Brothers of Washington, D.C. The photo cards show parts of the procession, including:
Miss Inez Milholland
The procession passing stand at NAWSA
Part of the law contingent
Sweden, one of the…

POST-1910-41 Suffrage Victory.jpg
Color illustration of a woman walking out of the door, leaving her husband to take care of their child. The sign on the wall reads: "God bless our home."

On the verso, the card is addressed to Mrs. Fred [Ziveifel?] Hollenberg, Kansas, and…

POST-1910-37 Suffragette Madonna.jpg
Color illustration of a man caring for a child.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Miss Alta Fosmaugh New Weston Ohio Route 1. The message reads: "From your sister Iva."

POST-1909-23 Those in Favour.jpg
At a meeting, a mannish looking suffragette in a "Votes for Women" sash, raises the arm of a man next to her.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Miss Millie Paddock Pawlet, Utah R.F.D., and postmarked July 12, [?]. The message reads: "Dear…

POST-1909-24 Pesky Suffragettes.jpg
Charcoal illustration of an older man with a suitcase and umbrella, standing at a closed door that has a sign "For Ladies Only."

On the verso, the card is addressed to Mrs. J.W. Flack Battle Ground, Indiana, and postmarked February 19, 1913.

POST-1910-31 Want what Men Got.jpg
Color illustration of a woman with her mouth open, holding her hands out, standing next to a table with a campaign sign that reads: "Votes for Women Miss Ortobee Spankdfirst."

POST-1909-22 By Gum.jpg
Color illustration of a man looking at a sign that says "For ladies only", a woman seated on a bench labeled "This bench for women", and in the distance, a "Women's Hotel."

On the verso, the card is addressed to Russell Sigler Esq. Rogers,…

POST-1913-17 Get out and under.jpg
Color illustration shows an angry woman holding a rolling pin and sitting on top of her husband, who is laying the floor. The two signs on the wall are: "Bless our home" and "Votes for women."

On the verso, the card is addressed to Louis Nicholson…
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