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POST-1913-16 Lovely to be Married.jpg
Part of a series of postcards, this card is labeled Series No. 534. The color illustration on the front shows a man scrubbing a floor while his wife stands there holding a rolling pin, her hands on her hips.

On the verso, the card is addressed to…

POST-1910-25 Liberty No Wedding.jpg
A woman leaves her home. Her husband, holding a bucket and scrub brush, is left to care for the home and the children. A "Votes for women" sign is hanging on the wall.

The quote on the postcard is from the song "I'm on my way to Reno", written by…

Makes the argument that if women's place is in the home and they are held responsible for the conditions in which their families' live, they should have the right to vote in order to help control those conditions.

Originally published under the title "Boundaries of Home," in "The Congregationalist", Mary Alden Hopkins argues that the nation needs both a mother and a father to ensure all important issues are addressed, including food safety, sanitation, clean…

Answers the question "isn't it true" to issues that support women being granted the right to vote.

The South Dakota Universal Franchise League was organized in 1911 by Mary Shields ("Mamie") Pyle. South Dakota granted women the right to vote in…
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