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Response by the Ingham County Equal Suffrage Association to anti-suffrage papers being distributed by saloon keepers and breweries in advance of the April 7, 1913 election. The message was to vote against the woman suffrage question because it would…

Argues that men are primarily concerned with their interests and do not represent women's interests.

Massachusetts voters rejected the referendum in November 1915, along with New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. On June 25, 1919, Massachusetts…

POST-1915-12 For Suffrage Card.jpg
Pledge card issued by the Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association. The headquarters were located at 585 Boylston Street, Room 12 in Boston.

Discusses the results of the 1912 election in Michigan, when the woman suffrage amendment was defeated, and the reasons for this result. According to the information provided, the amendment passed, but was nullified by "political manipulation" and…

Detailed instructions for those working to gather names on suffrage petitions for the National American Woman Suffrage Association. Instructions include the names of literature they will be provided with to circulate, formatting requirements for the…

This pamphlet was created to lobby New Hampshire voters to become the seventh state to grant women the right to vote.

List issued by the New Jersey Woman Suffrage Association to demonstrate existing support for the woman suffrage amendment to be voted on in the upcoming election on October 19, 1915. The list included Thomas Edison, John Cotton Dana, several…

Transcript from the Constitutional Convention of New York State held in Albany on August 8, 1894. Delegates met to discuss whether or not to accept the adverse report of the Committee on Suffrage regarding the proposed constitutional amendment to…
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