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POST-1910-07 Think It Over Series Daily Topic.jpg
This card, Number 108, is part of a set of 30 postcards, each containing a message, or aphorism, about suffrage. The cards were created by commercial publishing company, The Cargill Company, and were "endorsed and approved by the National American…

POST-1909-02 Suffrage Series No 2.jpg
Part of a twelve-card series of full-color lithographic postcards opposing woman suffrage.

This card, labeled Suffragette Series No. 2, features a well-dressed woman handing money to two women who are in shabbier clothing.

Discusses the results of the 1912 election in Michigan, when the woman suffrage amendment was defeated, and the reasons for this result. According to the information provided, the amendment passed, but was nullified by "political manipulation" and…

Annual report of the Third Judicial District of the New York State Association Oppossed to the Extension of Suffrage to Women includes a summary of activities and a list of where letters and leaflets were sent throughout the year.

Reprint of an article from the Albany Evening Journal about women's suffrage in Colorado. The author quotes from an article in the Pittsburgh Chronicle questioning the ethics of women voters.

Most likely reprinted for distribution by the Women's…

Letter to the editor of the New York times by author identified only as "E.S.C." The author argues that if granted the right to vote, women would not use it and it would only cause them physical discomfort. He or she also says that women's votes will…

Using excerpts from a pro-suffrage speech by Congressman Edward T. Taylor, of Colorado, where women were granted full suffrage in 1893, he answers common questions about the impact of woman suffrage in his state. These issues include whether or not…
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