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DOCU-1895-01 May Wright Sewall Address.jpg
The National Council of Women of the United States was founded in 1888 as a part of the International Council of Women, a new organization intended to establish connections between women's rights organizations across the world. May Wright Sewall was…

The National Council of Women of the United States was founded in 1888 by Susan B. Anthony. It was composed of national organizations and affiliated associations all pledged to work for issues concerning women including the right to vote. The…

Table of Contents
1. Officers federated national councils, and honorary vice-presidents.
2. Quinquennial report, 1899.
3. What is the International Council of Women?
4. Constitution.
5. Standing orders for Council.
6. Standing orders for…

MEMR-1910-07-1 Triangle Dance Card.jpg
Yellow triangular paper card with the slogan "Votes for Women" printed in black on the front.

Inside at the top is the International Council of Women logo followed by a list of dances, including the waltz, two step, schottische, rye waltz,…

Faux-ivory gavel with three sterling silver bands, and a turned rosewood handle and knop end. The display box originally sold with the gavel was missing at the time of purchase.

The engraved inscriptions on both flat hammer ends read: "Nat'l Woman…
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