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Suffragist, Susan Walker Fitzgerald argues that the United States is not a democracy because the power does not rest with the entire population. She claims that those opposed to women's suffrage are wealthier women who do not need the vote to improve…

Full color circular highlights the countries where women have the right to vote and asks the question, "Why do not all women vote under the flag of democracy?"

Promotional flier published by the National American Woman Suffrage Association Literature Committee, meant to for states where women were not permitted to vote. The flier encourages people to sign the peition for the federal suffrage amendment.

Senator James Martine, of New Jersey presents an article from the District of Columbia Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage presenting with facts on the negative impact of women voters in states where women were granted the right to vote.


Alexander MacCallum Scott was the Liberal M.P. for the Bridgeton constituency of Glasgow from 1910 until 1922.

In this article, he makes the argument that suffrage is not a necessary consequence of the principles of Democracy and Justice, but…

DOCU-1860-01 Abolition Movement Philosophy.jpg
Series: Anti-Slavery Tracts. No. 8. New Series

This is a reprint of a speech delivered to the American Anti-Slavery Society in 1853. Phillips discusses his belief that abolition is essential to perpetuate American democracy.
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