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The pamphlet asks and answers the question "In the United States all men are allowed to vote. Why not women?"

This pamphlet was published as a part of the campaign to lobby for woman's suffrage in the upcoming election in New York State. New York…

Alexander MacCallum Scott was the Liberal M.P. for the Bridgeton constituency of Glasgow from 1910 until 1922.

In this article, he makes the argument that suffrage is not a necessary consequence of the principles of Democracy and Justice, but…

Reprint of extracts from an article published in the magazine, "The Delineator" in February 1911. The authors described the effect of women's suffrage on the laws and politics of Colorado, where women were permitted to vote in 1893.

Little Blue Book No. 208
Transcript of a debate between Margaret Sanger, Theodore Roosevelt, Winter Russell, George Bernard Shaw, Robert L. Wolf, and Emma Sargent Russell on the subject of birth control.
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