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PERI-1865-01b The Liberator 1865-1229 below.jpg
The Liberator (1831-1865) was an abolitionist newspaper founded by William Lloyd Garrison and Isaac Knapp. The newspaper called for the "Immediate and complete emancipation of all slaves." The Liberator also advocated for women's rights by printing…

DOCU-1836-01-1 Appeal to Southern Women cover.jpg
The Anti-Slavery Examiner was among several serials published by the American Anti-Slavery Society. It began publication in August 1836 and was published irregularly (at times as a pamphlet or tract) until 1845.

"Appeal to the Christian Women of…

ALMS-1862-01-1 front The Congressional Globe 05-30-1862.JPG
The Congressional Globe contains the records for sessions of the U.S. Congress including summaries of proceedings, letters, speeches, and some legislation for the Senate and House of Representatives.
This issue includes a debate on an amendment to…

DOCU-1861-01-1 Disunion .jpg
Two speeches given by famed abolitionist and orator, Wendell Phillips. The first is entitled "The Lesson of the Hour." The second, entitled "Progress" was addressed to the twenty-eighth Congregational Society. In the second, Phillips discusses the…

DOCU-1860-03 Patriarchal Institution.jpg
This compilation, pulled together by abolitionist and author Lydia Maria Child, makes an anti-slavery argument through quotes pulled from Southern newspapers, fugitive slave notices, laws, political figures, authors, religious figures, abolitionists,…

DOCU-1860-01 Abolition Movement Philosophy.jpg
Series: Anti-Slavery Tracts. No. 8. New Series

This is a reprint of a speech delivered to the American Anti-Slavery Society in 1853. Phillips discusses his belief that abolition is essential to perpetuate American democracy.
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