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POST-1911-02-1 Russian Suffrage Postcard front.jpg
Russian postcard with a color illustration of a shabbily dressed woman walking with one hand in her pocket and the other holding a cigarette.

Argues that women in Canada, Russia, Norway, Finland, France, Denmark, Italy, and Yucatan all either have the vote or are awaiting measures under consideration. Urges New York men to consider the patriotism of New York women and vote for woman…

Full color circular highlights the countries where women have the right to vote and asks the question, "Why do not all women vote under the flag of democracy?"

Solicitation letter from Deborah K. Livingston, Chairman of the Campaign Committee of the Maine Woman Suffrage Association to Edward Merrill, Maine State Senator and a member of the executive committee of the Men's Equal Suffrage League, to fund the…

PERI-1913-11 Charlotte Tribune Suffrage Notes.jpg
Column, entitled "Suffrage Notes." The author describes a talk given by Herbert Miller, Professor of Sociology at Olivet College, in support of votes for women.
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