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POST-1907-10 Now Madam.jpg
Postcard is part of a series labeled Series No. 777A. It features a color illustration of a woman wearing masculine clothing and a "pork pie hat, arguing with a man in front of a crowd of shouting men. At her feet is a torn "Votes for Women" placard…

POST-1910-27 Save my Country.jpg
Part of a series of postcards, this card is labeled Serie 2268. The color illustration shows George Washington seated on one side, speaking to a group of protesting women carrying a "Votes for Women" placard.

On the verso, the card is addressed to…

POST-1909-31 BW Angel Series Heavy Work.jpg
Series of cards with Cupid as the central figure. This card features a black and white illustration of Cupid wearing a "Woman Suffrage" sash and holding a sign that reads: "Isn't your wife intelligent enough to vote? Mine is."

POST-1914-21 Female More Deadly.jpg
The card features a full color illustration of a girl standing on a platform holding a "Votes for Women" sign in one hand, and waving her other hand in the air, with very wide eyes as a young boy looks on in fear.

On the verso, the card is…

POST-1914-20 Votes for Women Chalkbord.jpg
This card features a full color illustration of a young girl painting "Give us our rites" on wall. She has also drawn a man hanging from a noose, the Statue of Liberty, and the slogan "Votes for Wimen." Behind her are an overturned baby carriage and…

POST-1914-19 Militant Suffragettes.jpg
This card features a full color illustration of a group of girls marching with signs that read: "No more school for us!" "Hubbies to be home by 8 p.m." and "More kandy more jam."

The card is marked Series 5024.

PERI-1919-01 Suffs Battle Police.jpg
Article about demonstration by the National Woman's Party outside of the New York Metropolitan Opera House where President Woodrow Wilson was speaking. Suffragists were attacked by police, soldiers, and onlookers; six women were arrested and later…

PERI-1913-07-6 Cartoons.jpg
Reproductions of drawings by H.W. Webster and Herbert Perry originally published in the Denver Times and the Sioux City Journal.

A Suggestion for London by H.W. Webster. The cartoon shows a woman who has just dropped her "Votes for Women" banner…
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