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POST-1913-26 Bristol Varsity Students Revenge.jpg
Photographic postcard of the a large crowd gathered on the street in front of the Women's Social and Political Union headquarters in Queens Road.

In 1912, the WSPU began a massive campaign of destruction around London, smashing windows,…

POST-1908-11 Hyde Park Demonstration.jpg
Photographic postcard of Emmeline Pankhurst and Elizabeth Clark Wolstenholme Elmy at a Hyde Park Demonstration.

Emmeline Pankhurst was the leader of the Women's Social and Political Union. Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy, age 75, was a member of the…

POST-1908-10 Mrs Pankhurst Arrested.jpg
Photographic postcard of the arrest of Emmeline Pankhurst on the charge of obstructing a policeman while on a deputation to the House of Commons. The next day she received a sentence of six weeks in Holloway prison. The deputation to the Commons…

POST-1905-10 Downhearted Suffragettes.jpg
Postcard with a cartoon illustration of a police officer struggling to carry a woman who is holding out a "Votes for Women" sign from Police Court.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Miss E. Harding "milwyn Villa" Blaengarw N. Bridgend, and…

POST-1909-57 Suffragette goes to glory.jpg
Postcard is part of a six-card series entitled "The Suffragette. This card shows an ugly buck-toothed suffragists sticking her head through the bars of the carriage taking her to jail. She is holding a "Votes for women" flag upside-down.

On the…

POST-1905-11 Suffragists attacking policeman.jpg
Postcard is labeled No. 641, and contains a colorful cartoon illustration of one woman restraining a police officer while another woman hits him with an umbrella.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Mr. Inward 64 Sayer Street Elephant & Castle…

POST-1910-50 To my Valentine Holloway.jpg
Postcard shows a police officer holding an angry suffragist who is carrying a "Votes for women" flag.

The poem refers to Holloway Prison in London, where many suffragists were imprisoned.

POST-1912-12 A perfect woman.jpg
Postcard depicts an ugly buck-toothed suffragette waving a flag, "I want a vote," above her head in front of the sign, 'Give me a vote and see what I'll do!'

On the verso, the card is addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Owens 8 Tower Bridge Buildings Mill…

POST-1909-37 Down with man-made laws.jpg
Postcard is part of a six-card series entitled "The Suffragette. This card features a a young girl making an address from on top of a barrel next to a "Votes for Women" placard as a police officer walks behind her.

POST-1907-10 Now Madam.jpg
Postcard is part of a series labeled Series No. 777A. It features a color illustration of a woman wearing masculine clothing and a "pork pie hat, arguing with a man in front of a crowd of shouting men. At her feet is a torn "Votes for Women" placard…
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