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ALMS-1000-05 Bound group of five leaflets supporting Woman Suffrage.JPG
This group of leaflets are bound together along the top and include the following: "Votes for Women a Success: the map proves it" Created by NAWSA to publicize the success of its state-by-state campaign for voting rights. This particular map was…

MEMR-1913-01-1 Fine Merchant Tailoring Giveaway Cover.jpg
Small pocket memo book containing an address book and blank lined pages for note taking. On the front: "Fine Merchant Tailoring August & Winter 1913-1914 E. Robinson Merchant Tailor 39 Albion Street Wakefield, Massachusetts"

Page 76 contains a…

Flier compares the United States to Canada where, several provinces extended suffrage to women. The map of the United States indicates states where women had full suffrage, presidential suffrage, primary suffrage, and no right to vote.

POST-1913-22 Success Map.jpg
Map of the United States indicating where women have the vote and to what degree.

POST-1915-09 Votes for Women Amendment Stamp.jpg
Yellow, black and blue poster stamp with a map of the United States indicating where women have the vote.

This was one of two versions created, one for the 1915 Pennsylvania referendum, and this generic one, intended for national distribution.
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