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POST-1910-28 Go Lay an Egg.jpg
Part of a series of postcards, this card is labeled Serie No. 67. The illustration shows a family dressed as hens and roosters. The mom is wearing a "Suffragette Votes for Women" sash and a large hat. She is staring at her husband as he yells at her,…

POST-1915-01 An Easter Prophecy.jpg
Embossed Easter card with an illustration of a hen carrying a "Votes for Women" sign.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Mr. Frank Leburg Fowler, Indiana, and postmarked April 20, 1915. The message reads:
Dear Bro:-
Well Easter is soon here…

POST-1915-02 Oh You Suffragette Easter.jpg
Full-color illustration of a group of hens, dressed in pantaloons and bonnets, one carrying a "Votes for Women" sign. The owl in the tree says "Oh you suffragette."

On the verso, the card is marked "Chantecler Series No. 21."
The card is…
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