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POST-1909-41 Mrs E How-Martyn.jpg
Photographic portrait postcard of Edith How-Martyn, Honorary Secretary of the Women's Freedom League, with the organization's address.

Edith How Martyn (c. 1875-1954) was the joint Honorary Secretary of the WSPU and, from 1907 co-founder and…

POST-1910-53 In the dim future.jpg
Postcard designed by Gladys Letcher of the Suffrage Atelier, contains an illustration of Prime Minister Asquith delaying the vote for woman's suffrage.

The Suffrage Atelier was a publishing collective founded in 1909 to produce items for the…

Flyer provides the Women's Freedom League objective and the League officers, followed by a list of eight reasons for women's suffrage. The flyer also contains a membership appeal along the bottom.

The Women's Freedom League was founded in 1907 in…

Aino Malmberg was a Finnish politician and writer. In this essay she recounts the history of Finnish women's suffrage and the events that led to women's right to vote. She also discusses the impact of women's vote on the political parties, families,…

On Thursday, August 19th 1909, eight members of the Women's Freedom League were arrested at different times in Downing Street, where they had gone to present a petition to Prime Minister, H.H. Asquith. The women were charged with 'obstructing the…

PERI-1911-01-1 front The Vote The Organ of the Womens Freedom League June 3 1911.jpg
The Vote was an English publication printed from 1909 until 1933.

This issue contains articles including:
"Why we want the vote: the woman journalist" by E.M. Tait; "The Hour and the Bill" by M. Slieve McGowan; "A Suffragette in the Shops" and…
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