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POST-1914-25 French Le vrai Plebiscite.jpg
Postcard with an illustration of a French soldier embracing a woman after the country of Alsace voted to reunite with France. The caption reads: "The real plebiscite. Plebiscite: She'll vote?. . . SO." The illustration was created by artist and…

Alice Stone Blackwell addresses the idea that if women were granted the right to vote, they should also be able to fight as a soldier or a police officer. She argues that a significant portion of men are neither soldier or police officer, but still…

Reprinted from the Woman's Journal, pacifist and social reformer, Edwin D. Mead refutes the argument that government rests on force and women should not be permitted to vote based on their ability to be physically defend the nation as a soldier or…

Letter addressed to a male New York voter (soldier) to lobby for the woman suffrage amendment. The packets sent out included suffrage literature.
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