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Handwritten note that reads: "Your presence is urgently requested at a meeting of the Lynchburg Equal Suffrage Club to be held at 609 Court Street, on Monday, oct. 6th, at 4 p.m. to elect delegates to the State Equal Suffrage Convention which…

Advertisement for the Ethyl Corporation featuring a scene from a suffrage demonstration, that ran in The Saturday Evening Post.

Brochure that details pre-pregancy care and post-prengancy care along with care for the newborn.

The Political Equality Series was a series of tracts produced by the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

This issue provides an update on labors organizations that have endorsed woman suffrage, specifically focused on the recent…

Postcard with an illustration of a woman waving her arm, knocking over a glass. She is standing behind a ballot box, labeled "Vote for No. 120

Two little boys watching a little girl as she bends over to write the "Votes for Women" slogan on the wall

On reverse: Postmarked Hagerstown, Indiana, May 28, 191[5] Handwritten on card addressed to: M.M. Moore 201 N. 21 Street New Castle Indiana.

Typed on "Votes for Women" stationery, the letter is an invitation to members to attend a conference on Congressional Work with featured speaker, Carrie Chapman Catt, President of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Appeals to businessmen by making the argument that voting for the woman suffrage amendment is logical and "good business."

The presence of the imprint of the National Woman Suffrage Publishing Company indicates that the National American Woman…

Rheta Childe Dorr was an author, journalist, newspaper editor, and suffragist. She worked for the New York Evening Post, wrote articles for the Broadway Magazine, and was the first editor of the National Woman's Party publication, The Suffragist. She…

Military census card for Mrs. Alice T. Palmer, of Genesee County. The card indicates she will serve 1 day in Corfu, NY.

In an effort to demonstrate their support for the war effort and garner positive attention toward the fight for the right to…
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