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POST-1880-01 Fleischmanns Yeast.jpg
Trade card advertisement for Fleischmann's Yeast. This card shows three women casting their ballots into a ballot box. The verso contains directions for use and several recipes.

POST-1910-26 Good for 1000 Votes.jpg
Postcard with an illustration of a woman waving her arm, knocking over a glass. She is standing behind a ballot box, labeled "Vote for No. ___"

POST-1912-05 Cobb X Shinn Series Nobody Loves Me.jpg
This card, is part of a twelve-card series, featuring children, illustrated by Indiana artist Cobb Shinn. The illustration features a young girl crying, standing next to a "Votes for Wimmen" ballot box.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Mr.…

DOCU-1920-02 Modern Woman.jpg
Caricature of a woman wearing a "Women's Rights" sash, holding a ballot. On one side are her children and on the other, the ballot box. Along the top are a series of voting booths, showing only the lower portion with people's legs and feet.


PERI-1908-01 L'Action Feministe May 17 1908.JPG
Le Petit Journal, or “The Little Newspaper”, was a daily newspaper published from 1863 to 1944. In 1884, the paper began to include a weekly illustrated supplement.

The full-page color illustration on the cover of this issue is entitled: "The…
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