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POST-1905-03 Votes for Women Trumpet.jpg
This card has a color illustration of a woman playing the trumpet, with a "Votes for Women" flag hanging from it. The illustration is on a black background.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Mrs. James Rammel Harlem Montana, and postmarked…

POST-1912-08 Anti-Suffrage Street Car.jpg
This card is marked S. No. 4, and may be part of a series.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Clinton, Wisconsin, and postmarked December 10, 1914.

This sample pink ballot was sent out by the Political Equality League of Wisconsin, one or two days prior to the 1912 election to those who signed pledge cards in support of suffrage, about the color of the ballot and how to complete it.


Notice of a woman suffrage meeting. The state where the meeting was held is not identified, but it was most likely held at the Columbia Theatre in Washington, D.C. Speakers included the Honorable John Barrett, Director General of the Pan American…

The leaflet compares the progress in the campaigns for women's suffrage and full equality between England and the United States. On the back is a membership form for the National Woman's Party.

PERI-1912-25 Western States favor.jpg
News article with election results regarding women's suffrage in Kansas, Arizona, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

The measure was defeated in Wisconsin, and passed in Kansas, Arizona, and Oregon.

The newspaper is not identified. The year is written on…
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