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POST-1916-01 Oh Where Wandering Wife.jpg
Part of a series of cards, this card contains an illustration of a man wearing a bathrobe and holding two babies in his arms. Inset to the upper right is a woman addressing a crowd of people, with the words "Why should not women run the government?"

POST-1912-10 Not much am.jpg
A colored photo postcard featuring two men standing on a street corner outside a shop talking, beside a mannish suffragette holding a "Votes for women" placard.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Miss Emma [?] 911 16th St. Detroit, Michigan,…

POST-1905-08 Wear the Trousers.jpg
Postcard, marked Series No. 1839, depicts a woman wearing harem pants, standing on a platform in a park addressing a crowd of men.
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