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Marjorie Shuler, daughter of National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) leader Nettie Shuler, served as publicity director for NAWSA beginning in 1917. The novel features a collection of letters from character, Delight Dennison to a…

ALMS-1891-02-1 23rd Annual Washington Convention program front.jpg
The convention was held at Albaugh's Opera House in Washington,D.C. The program includes ticket prices and the schedule of events with the names of the speakers.

DOCU-1900-03-1 Womans Century Calendar cover.jpg
Series: Political Science Study Series Vol. 5 No. 3Published by the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA), this calendar notes the social, economic, and political advances women made year by year from 1800 through 1899. The calendar…

ALMS-1000-05 Bound group of five leaflets supporting Woman Suffrage.JPG
This group of leaflets are bound together along the top and include the following: "Votes for Women a Success: the map proves it" Created by NAWSA to publicize the success of its state-by-state campaign for voting rights. This particular map was…

PERI-1930-01 Bulletin of the NLWV Jan 1930.jpg
This issue includes information on the International Alliance of Women for Suffrage and Equal Citizenship, international measures of interest to the League, marriage laws in the South, new publications, and domicile, inheritance, and jury service.…

Black pressed letters on yellow felt. Yellow was the official color of the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA).

"Votes for Women" was one of the most frequently used slogans throughout the woman's suffrage movement.

Yellow and black cambric pennant with the slogan "Votes for Women" stamped in black. Thin black border on the edges of the pennant. There is a union label in the lower left corner.

This pennant may have been sold by the National American Woman…

MEMR-1905-04 Victory Pennant.png
Yellow felt pennant with black appliqué slogan and design.

The main part of the pennant contains the slogan "Votes for Women." The word "Victory" and two trumpet designs are cut into the black attachment along the top.

Yellow and black were the…

MEMR-1914-05-1 Ryte Me Calendar Cover.jpg
Twelve colorful pages strung together with red yarn. There is one page for every month of the year, each featuring a pro-suffrage sentiment from a well-known person.

Each page consists of a detachable postcard, picturing four ballot boxes and the…
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