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DOCU-1861-01-1 Disunion .jpg
Two speeches given by famed abolitionist and orator, Wendell Phillips. The first is entitled "The Lesson of the Hour." The second, entitled "Progress" was addressed to the twenty-eighth Congregational Society. In the second, Phillips discusses the…

ALMS-1862-01-1 front The Congressional Globe 05-30-1862.JPG
The Congressional Globe contains the records for sessions of the U.S. Congress including summaries of proceedings, letters, speeches, and some legislation for the Senate and House of Representatives.
This issue includes a debate on an amendment to…

ALMS-1873-03a-1 Woman Suffrage Essential to the True Republic by Sen Geo F Hoar.JPG
An address delivered by Senator George F. Hoar at the Annual Meeting of the New England Woman Suffrage Association in Boston on May 27, 1873.

Hoar examines the idea of what makes a cohesive "Republic" and argues that the participation and…

ALMS-1873-04a cover Woman Suffrage Essential to the True Republic by Sen Geo F Hoar.JPG
Series: Woman Suffrage Tracts No. 8
Hoar examines the idea of what makes a cohesive "Republic" and argues that the participation and influence of women is necessary for the church, state and community to be successful and happy.

The address was…

ALMS-1882-01-1 Bigelow Garden Concert Program.jpg
The concert appears to be a rally for General Benjamin Butler, a Civil War general, lawyer, and politician, during his run for Governor of Massachusetts.

The programme list includes: "the woman's suffrage plank the best in the platform. Equal…

ALMS-1883-01 Famous Hutchinson Family Concert Program.jpg
The Hutchinson Family Singers were an American family singing group from Milford, New Hampshire. One of the most well-known singing groups of the nineteenth century, they sang about rural life and issues such as abolition, temperance, politics, war…

ALMS-1884-01 p1 Woman Suffrage Letter to MA Legislature.jpg
The letter from Mrs. Leonard was read by Thornton K. Lothrop, Esq. at the hearing before the Legislative Committee on Woman Suffrage. Clara Leonard was well known in her community as an opponent to woman's suffrage and was asked to write a letter to…

ALMS-1884-03 Letter to Unknown Receipient from Office Massachussetts Suffrage Association.JPG
The handwritten letter references an enclosed petition and leaflets for municipal woman suffrage and urges the recipient to obtain as many names as possible by January 1, 1885. The letter also discusses the rising anti-suffrage movement in Boston.

A reprint of an address made by Senator George F. Hoar in support of woman's suffrage, during a convention held in Amherst, Massachusetts on September 24, 1891.

Hoar was a Massachusetts lawyer who was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives…

ALMS-1893-01 Senate Report No1143 on Woman Suffrage p1.jpg
Series: Report / Senate ; no. 1143 and views of the minority

This is an accounting of the hearing given by the Senate Select Committee on Woman Suffrage in response to a petition by the National Woman Suffrage Association of Massachusetts and…
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