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The cover design is an illustration of Uncle Sam holding a sign that says "Miss Liberty will sing this popular song," standing next to a shovel and pick, and a suitcase printed with the words "Women's Votes." Around the border are vignettes labeled…

ALMS-1000-02 front Constitution of NWSA of MA.jpg
Includes two documents: the letter and the Constitution of the National Woman Suffrage Association. It also includes the song lyrics to "Hark! The Sound of Myriad Voices" by Harriet H. Robinson, written for the first annual meeting of the Woman…

ALMS-1883-01 Famous Hutchinson Family Concert Program.jpg
The Hutchinson Family Singers were an American family singing group from Milford, New Hampshire. One of the most well-known singing groups of the nineteenth century, they sang about rural life and issues such as abolition, temperance, politics, war…
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