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PERI-1853-02 Rights of Women.JPG
Extracted from the artist, George Cruikshank's, "The Comic Almanack" for 1853, this pro-suffrage cartoon was originally the folded frontispiece of the publication. In it, a crowd of men and women surround the platform holding "The Ladies Candidate"…

PERI-1913-09 Bay City Times Crisis Today.jpg
The author discusses the woman suffrage amendment to be included in that day's election asks the question: "If woman is granted the franchise, what will she do with it?"

Woman suffrage was defeated in Michigan in that election. Michigan women were…

Mary Ware Dennett was a suffragist, artist, and advocate of birth control and sex education. She served as the field secretary for the Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association and the corresponding secretary of the National American Woman Suffrage…

ALMS-1000-06 front fold For Young Men Only.JPG
Folded 17 times, printed messages encourage the reader to unfold the flier until they get to the final message:
"You can vote (if you are 21)
Let mother vote, too (she is more than 21)."
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