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Pinback Woman's Suffrage (1).pdf
This was part of the "Woman's Committee Council of National Defense," a government established advisory committee headed by suffragist Dr. Anna Shaw to coordinate women’s efforts in WWI. Shaw was chosen by Carrie Chapman Catt to lead the effort,…

Advertisement for the Ethyl Corporation featuring a scene from a suffrage demonstration, that ran in The Saturday Evening Post.

Postcard with an illustration of a woman waving her arm, knocking over a glass. She is standing behind a ballot box, labeled "Vote for No. 120

Two little boys watching a little girl as she bends over to write the "Votes for Women" slogan on the wall

On reverse: Postmarked Hagerstown, Indiana, May 28, 191[5] Handwritten on card addressed to: M.M. Moore 201 N. 21 Street New Castle Indiana.

Instructions for poll-watchers to help curb illegal corruption or maneuvers to change the results of the election. The flier provides detailed instructions and logistics for being a watcher.

This leaflet is specific to the woman suffrage…

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Daily newspaper of Stockton, San Joaquin County, California under various alternative titles from 1904-1969.

Infographic depicting the various work done by women in wartime, with corresponding uniforms. Page follows other pages in the Journal discussing the style of women's uniforms.

P. 139 of Nov. 1918 may be more rarely digitized. It is not available,…

Advertisement in publication encourages New York voters to pass the woman suffrage amendment as a war measure in the referendum on November 6, 1917.

Metal token featuring an image of William Howard Taft, and the slogan "Equal Rights for All." This coin may have been distributed during either the 1908 or the 1912 presidential campaigns.

No manufacturer markings on the coin.
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