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DOCU-1907-01-1 Report on the Summer Work p1.jpg
Issued by the Equality League of Self-Supporting Women, this pamphlet includes a brief synopsis of a conference held on April 9, 1907 at Cooper Institute in NewYork; reprints of letters written to similar associations, letters to and from Governor…

Letter to the editor of the New York times by author identified only as "E.S.C." The author makes the claim that women's wages and working conditions will not necessarily improve if they are granted the vote.

The letter was reprinted by the Albany…

Flier addresses working women and encourages them to unite for votes for women to ensure better working and living conditions. The title may be a reference to author Rheta Childe Dorr's, "What 8,000,000 Women Want."

PERI-1913-15 Whats the Reason.jpg
Cartoon by artist, McDonald depicting unfair wages and conditions for working women.
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