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Alice Stone Blackwell discusses the the amount of money appropritated for education and the difference in teacher's salaries in suffrage versus non-suffrage states.

The National American Woman Suffrage Association published a series of circulars…

O'Sullivan argues that wage-earning women need the right to vote to ensure equal pay for equal work and working men should also want women's suffrage to protect their interests against the threat of cheap labor by women and children.

The National…

Article written published by the Committee on Protest against Woman Suffrage of the Women's Anti-Suffrage Association of the Third Judicial District of the State of New York, argues that women will not necessarily be better off if they are granted…

Flier addresses working women and encourages them to unite for votes for women to ensure better working and living conditions. The title may be a reference to author Rheta Childe Dorr's, "What 8,000,000 Women Want."

In 1907, Charles Evans Hughes, Governor of New York, vetoed a bill to provide equal pay to men and women holding the same position. This card comments on Hughes' veto of the equal pay bill and a teacher's retirement pension bill for the public…

This is a new edition of the publication, and includes the article, "The emancipation of woman; an address by Samuel E. Eastman, D.D."
The cover illustration is by artist, Emily Ford with the caption:
The Woman-worker : 'They have a cheek! I've…

Frederick Pethick Lawrence was a politician married to suffragist Emmeline Pethick. He became involved in the Labour Party and the Women's Social and Political Union.

In this article, Pethick Lawrence discusses the disparity in women's wages and…
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