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POST-1915-10 Spirit of 76.JPG
Lower right text: "After the painting by Willard." Archibald McNeal Willard (1836-1918) painted the original "Spirit of '76" around 1875.

This pro-suffrage postcard features a recreation of Willard's painting with babies playing the fife and…

POST.1915.06 Suffrage First.jpg
Pro-suffrage postcard, circulated by the National American Woman Suffrage Association. The illustration features a young boy, holding flowers, leaning in for a kiss from the girl who holds up her hand to stop him, proclaiming, "Suffrage First!"

POST-1905-02 Wedded to the cause.JPG
Illustration of a boy proposing to a girl, wearing a "Votes for Women" ribbon and pointing to the banner she is holding with the slogan, "Give us the vote."

DOCU-1890-02-1 Suffage publish request via postcard to MA newspapers addressed to Lucy Stone front.jpg
On front is handwritten "Mrs. Lucy Stone Dorchester Mass."
On back is a form letter entitled "Municipal Suffrage for Women."
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