Sheet music. "What's the Matter with Uncle Sam" words and music by Mrs. Chas. H. Toby. 1904



Sheet music. "What's the Matter with Uncle Sam" words and music by Mrs. Chas. H. Toby. 1904


The cover design is an illustration of Uncle Sam holding a sign that says "Miss Liberty will sing this popular song," standing next to a shovel and pick, and a suitcase printed with the words "Women's Votes." Around the border are vignettes labeled "Women's Votes," "Graft," and "Booze."




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Toby, H. Ellen


Dover, New Hampshire : Mrs. Chas. H. Toby


Douglass, K.B., Cover illustrator


8 p.




Oh what is the matter with Uncle Sam,
Oh he's all right you know,
He knows how to deal with schemes flim-flam,
Just give him a while to grow;
Oh who is Uncle Sam, I wonder,
Now to guess you may try,
And do not make an awful blunder,
For he's you and I,
Whenever you go to a ballot box,
Just think of Uncle Sam;
And vote to banish all the rogues,
Who get up the schemes flim-flam
He'll own the trust, if we say he must,
He'll dig the mines, and abolish wines,
He'll launch the float, for women's vote,
And We'll think we're up in the nines;
Whoever we have in the President's chair,
May run us a race if he choose,
We've something to gain if we only beware
For there isn't much more we can lose.
Just hear that whistle go toot, toot, toot,
That bell go dingity ding;
'Tis hammerty smite till Saturday night,
To the tune of ting-a-ling ling.
Now ev'ry man should own his home,
And have enough to spare,
Should rest each week a day and a half,
And be free from worry and care
We'll pull together with Uncle Sam,
For he's all right you know,
We'll help him banish the schemes flim-flam,
And give him a while to grow

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