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Gold ribbon with large black type, and the slogan"Votes for women."

Purple, gold and white striped sash. The center stripe is inscribed on both sides with the slogan "Votes for Women" in dark purple.

The colors on the sash were also the official colors of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage, later the…

Celluloid button picturing the Maryland flag at the center with the word "Maryland" along the bottom. Hanging from the button is a gold ribbon with the slogan "Votes for Women" printed in black.

PERI-1950-01-1 The New Look cover.jpg
Campaign literature that uses a popular slogan, "the new look" as a way to encourage women to vote. The pamphlet contains photographs and facts about the conditions for families before and after women had the right to vote, outlines the work still to…

Advertisement in Woman's Home Companion magazine by the Democratic Party, encouraging women to vote the Democratic ticket for President, John W. Davis and Charles W. Bryan.

White square cardboard fan with blue print attached to a wooden dowel.

The front contains the slogan "Baseball Fans Movie Fans Political Fans All Good Fans Everywhere Favor Votes for the Women of Massachusetts Election Day November 2"


White square cardboard fan with blue print attached to a wooden dowel.

The front features the slogan, "While watching the Horse Race Don't forget one half of the Human Race/ Votes for Women/ Election Day November 2."

The reverse side includes…

Yellow square cardboard fan with black print attached to a wooden dowel.

On the front are pictures of the two presidential candidates, "Mr. Hughes" and "Pres. Wilson."

The reverse side contains quotes that address their individual positions…

Die-stamped metal blue, black and yellow bird seated on a black perch. There is a hole in the top of the bird so that it can be hung.

"Votes for Women Nov. 2" is printed in black along the gold ground (bird's belly and tail). "Mass. Woman Suffrage…

Provides a photographic account of the National Woman's Party militant fight for woman's rights, including picketing the White House, arrests, imprisonment, hunger strikes, and burning President Wilson's speeches.
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