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PERI-1911-02 New Citizen Holiday 1911-1912.jpg
Holiday Number, 1911-1912
Tagline: "The magazine that won equal suffrage in Washington"

Missouri Hanna was the founder and editor of the Edmonds Review in 1904. She is considered the first woman newspaper publisher in Washington. After selling…

PERI-1869-02-2 Harpers Weekly 1869-0515 Sororsis Cartoon.jpg
This issue features a cartoon by Charles G. Bush, entitled "Sorosis, 1869" that pokes fun at Sorosis, one of the organizations that began the women's club movement in the United States.

Harper's Weekly was an American illustrated political…

PERI-1915-02 Harpers Weekly 1915-0814.jpg
The cover illustration by Walter J. Enright, is entitled "The Condescending Man." Among the articles in this issue is "The Condescending Man and the Obstructive Woman" by Ralph Barton Perry.

Harper's Weekly was an American illustrated political…

PERI-1947-01-1 Life Womans Dilema 1947-0616 cover.jpg
This issue features a photographic essay and series of stories by Frances Levison and photographer Nina Leen, entitled "The American Woman's Dilemma." Stories focus on the unhappiness of housewives and whether full-time working women can/should…

PERI-1920-01a cover Life Magazine 1920-1028.jpg
The cover features a drawing by Charles Dana Gibson entitled "Congratulations." In it, Lady Liberty shakes hands with a woman holding a ballot, congratulating her on winning the right to vote.

Life Magazine, Inc. was founded by John Ames Mitchell…

PERI-1910-01 Life The First Sunday 1910-1208.jpg
The cover of this issue, the "Eve and Adam Number" features an illustration by James Montgomery Flagg, "The First Sunday." The title, "Life" is spelled out by the snakes in the tree.

In this issue:
"Life's Suffragette Contest" offers readers the…
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