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PERI-1869-02-2 Harpers Weekly 1869-0515 Sororsis Cartoon.jpg
This issue features a cartoon by Charles G. Bush, entitled "Sorosis, 1869" that pokes fun at Sorosis, one of the organizations that began the women's club movement in the United States.

Harper's Weekly was an American illustrated political…

PERI-1915-02 Harpers Weekly 1915-0814.jpg
The cover illustration by Walter J. Enright, is entitled "The Condescending Man." Among the articles in this issue is "The Condescending Man and the Obstructive Woman" by Ralph Barton Perry.

Harper's Weekly was an American illustrated political…

PERI-1912-06 Harpers Weekly Militant 1912-0217.JPG
Cover illustration of Harper's Weekly magazine, entitled "The Militant Recruit." Features Theodore Roosevelt knocking on the door to "Woman's Suffrage Campaign Headquarters" to bring them flowers.

PERI-1880-01 Harpers Weekly Women at Polls 1880-1113.JPG
Hand colored engraving by Howard Pyle, appeared on page 724 of Harper's Weekly, entitled "Women at the Polls in New Jersey in the Good Old Times." The illustration shows women casting votes at a municipal election, referring back to the period from…
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