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Miniature telescope, made of brass-like metal with a black leather sheath. Stanhopes were novelty souvenirs popular during the 19th century. The image can be seen by holding it up to the light and looking into the tiny hole.

British suffragist,…

PERI-1909-02-1 Votes for Women 1909-0107.jpg
Votes for Women was launched and co-edited by Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence and her husband, Frederick Pethick-Lawrence in 1907. The journal began as the official publication of the militant suffrage organization, the Women’s Social and Political Union…

POST-1890-01 Sylvia Pankhurst.jpg
Photographic postcard of Sylvia Pankhurst, artist and suffragette. Pankhurst was the daughter of Emmeline Pankhurst and younger sister of Christabel. She was a founder of the Women's Social and Political Union.
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