Votes for Women, Vol. 2. January-February 1909

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Votes for Women, Vol. 2. January-February 1909


Votes for Women was launched and co-edited by Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence and her husband, Frederick Pethick-Lawrence in 1907. The journal began as the official publication of the militant suffrage organization, the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU). In 1912, the Pethick-Lawrences began to publish it independently. In 1914, they ceded control of the paper to the United Suffragists, who continued to publish it monthly until 1918 when they ceased publication after the passage of the 1918 Qualification of Women Act.

Dedication: "To the brave women who to-day are fighting for freedom: to the noble women who all down the ages kept the flag flying and looked forward to this day without seeing it: to all women all over the world, of whatever race, or creed, or calling, whether they be with us or against us in this fight, we dedicate this paper."

This collection includes the following issues:
Volume 2, No. 44, January 7, 1909
Volume 2, No. 45, January 14, 1909
Volume 2, No. 46, January 21, 1909
Volume 2, No 47, January 28, 1909
Volume 2, No. 48, February 4, 1909 (2 copies)
Volume 2, No. 49, February 11, 1909
Volume 2, No. 50, February 18, 1909


January - February 1909


Pankhurst, E. Sylvia (Estelle Sylvia), 1882-1960
Pethick-Lawrence, Emmeline, 1867-1954
Pethick-Lawrence, Frederick William Pethick-Lawrence, Baron, 1871-1961
United Suffragists
Votes for Women
Women--Suffrage--Great Britain
Women's Social and Political Union (Great Britain)


London : The St. Clements Press, Limited, Printers


Pethick-Lawrence, Frederick William Pethick-Lawrence, Baron, 1871-1961
Pethick-Lawrence, Emmeline, 1867-1954





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