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This card, Number 102, is part of a set of 30 postcards, each containing a message, or aphorism, about suffrage. The cards were created by commercial publishing company, The Cargill Company, and were "endorsed and approved by the National American…

Flier published by the New York State Woman Suffrage Party that contains the text of a resolution adopted during the organization's conference in Saratoga, condemning the National Woman's Party pickets of the White House and reaffirming their loyalty…

Resolution created by the New York Woman Suffrage Party in support of the government and war effort, and against the National Woman's Party picketing of the White House.

In 1917, the National Woman's Party, founded by Alice Paul, targeted the…

Red, yellow and blue pinback button with the slogan "Votes for Women" and "Patriotism" surrounding the Great Seal of the United States at the center.

No manufacturer information on the back.

Red white and blue pinback button with the patriotic slogan "America The Land We Love" in the outer circle surrounding the slogan "Liberty Justice Equality" with a gold star at the center.

White backpaper contains the name of the manufacturer.…
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