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The author makes the argument against women's suffrage that in order to preserve and advance family life and happiness in the home, women should focus entirely on their work in the home and leave political participation to the wage-earning…

POST-1914-15 Votes for Wimmen Series Womans Place.jpg
Part of a series of postcards.

This card features a full color illustration of a young girl and boy standing above a girl doll in a baby bed and a boy doll thrown on the floor facedown. The girl is wearing a "Votes for Women" sash and holding a…

Published by the French Union for Woman Suffrage, this is an illustration of women in line to cast their ballots at a polling station. The woman at the front is inserting her ballot into the box. Behind her is a woman holding a baby, followed by…

POST-1914-02 Valentine Greetings-Kitchen.jpg
Valentine's Day card featuring illustrations of animated vegetables, surrounding the anti-suffrage poem.

This card was addressed to Miss Sallie Gray in Warrenton, Ohio, and postmarked February 13, 1915.
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