Postcard : A woman's place is in her home. [Circa 1909-1913]

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Postcard : A woman's place is in her home. [Circa 1909-1913]


Part of a series of postcards.

This card features a full color illustration of a young girl and boy standing above a girl doll in a baby bed and a boy doll thrown on the floor facedown. The girl is wearing a "Votes for Women" sash and holding a "Votes for Wimmen" flag, looking sad as a young boy points at her.

Handwritten under the header is:
"Don't you think so; especially when she comes home sick."

On the verso, the card is address to Mrs. Percey E. Haseltine 1610 6th Street Anacortes, Washington, and postmarked December 4, 1913. The message reads:
Dear Winnie: Mother arrived home safe and sound Monday. She has had too much election. She was dreadfully sick yesterday & last night. I had to make the bread. She is up now but is going back to bed in a little while. We are going to start a hospice. Papa's back is getting worse. yesterday I burned my arm with steam. It hurts like the dickens. I also burned my hand too. How are you now? Tell Fred I will write sometime. [Obstructed word] so much for the picture. It is fine. I will have some taken and send you one. Mother says she will write you a letter later. [illegible] Eva.


[Circa 1909-1915]


Children and politics
Gender roles
Mother and child


[Cornwall, New York : Barton & Spooner Co.]

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