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Daily newspaper of Stockton, San Joaquin County, California under various alternative titles from 1904-1969.

Infographic depicting the various work done by women in wartime, with corresponding uniforms. Page follows other pages in the Journal discussing the style of women's uniforms.

P. 139 of Nov. 1918 may be more rarely digitized. It is not available,…

PERI-1924-01-1 Literary Digest Suffrage Failure.jpg
Clipping from the Literary Digest suggests that women in the United States are apathetic about public affairs. Carrie Chapman Catt, president of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance, and several woman suffrage supporters provide a…

PERI-1918-01-1 What Women Will Do p409.jpg
Article suggests that if women receive the right to vote, they will use it thoughtfully to help undernourished and impoverished children

PERI-1913-03 Literary Digest 1913-0628.jpg
Related articles include: "The Suffrage Conquest of Illinois"

PERI-1913-02 Literary Digest 1913-0104.jpg
Related articles include: "Ruin of the English Suffragette Movement" on page 9-10; pages 1-56 listed in book

PERI-1911-03 THE FRA Jan 1911.jpg
Subtitle: Not for mummies / A journal of affirmation / The Woman's Number

PERI-1914-01-1 Everywoman 1914-0806 above fold.jpg
Tagline: A Twentieth century weekly for Ohio women being a resume of the activities of the woman of the state. "Everywoman" gives you the latest suffrage news. Create suffrage sentiment by sending the paper into some home.

PERI-1869-02-2 Harpers Weekly 1869-0515 Sororsis Cartoon.jpg
This issue features a cartoon by Charles G. Bush, entitled "Sorosis, 1869" that pokes fun at Sorosis, one of the organizations that began the women's club movement in the United States.

Harper's Weekly was an American illustrated political…
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